War Rug 2' 4" x 1' 9" (ft)

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Add War Rugs in the Decoration of Your Home

War rugs are very famous in the art of Afghanistan, and these depict the history, war, and conflict. If you are a history lover, don't forget to decorate your floor and walls with these Afghan war rugs, a smashing piece of art. These war rugs are very efficient to give great look and warmth to your room, and your guests will inspire with your excellent décor. The war rugs express the culture, history, and tradition of the Afghan society and these also have a modern touch to help you in adding the beauty of your home.

Add a hand-woven rug in your room and give an interesting appearance inside the room. A rug can anchor a room, add warmth and beauty. So, if you want to renovate your room and give an inspiring image of your décor, add a war rug in your room. We, at rugler.com, are offering top quality handmade woven rugs in bold and deep colors which reflect the Afghan culture and traditions. You can place these rugs on the floor and the wall as well.



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