Tribal Cushion 3' 0" x 1' 8" (ft)

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Give a Lavish Look to Your Home with Baluchi Rugs

Baluchi cushion is the great woven floor coverings by the Baloch people who are living in Afghanistan and Eastern Iran. Baluch carpets are highly famous and have a great variety. These are made of repeated patterns and motifs, mostly made of gul motifs. is offering excellent quality tribal handmade Baluchi rugs, with soft wool piles. Most of the rugs are made of 100% wool, but some also include camel hair, goat, and cotton for whites. These Baluch carpets are the best ones to give a lavish look to your home, lobbies, living rooms, etc.

The color scheme used in this Baluchi cushion is deep colors, for instance, deep red, brown, shades of camel, and blues with the touches of white. These rugs are smaller in size, and the geometric design cushion is the best one to enhance the appearance of your home. You can buy handmade rugs in high quality at

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