Soumak Kilims 6' 0" x 4' 2" (ft)

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Find High Quality and Strong Soumak Kilims for Your Home

Soumak is a tapestry technique, which is used to weave sturdy and decorative rugs, kilims, bags. The most significant characteristic of Soumak kilims, we are offering is that they are stronger and durable. The Soumak rugs are flat weave rugs, and these have a smooth front face and dragged back. The technique to make Soumak kilims involves wrapping of the colored weft threads over and under the warp threads. In this way, it gives the strength and also embroidery-like pattern.

At, you will be capable of finding the most excellent and classy handmade home decoration range. The Soumak rugs are of the best quality and unique style. Bold and attractive colors of these Soumak kilims and rugs, help you to give warmth to your place. These rugs and kilims are available in bright colors, red, royal blue, brown, camel, and others. Give a royal look to your home with these unique and classic kilims and rugs.


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