Sirjan Rug 6' 2" x 4' 6" (ft)

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Create a beautiful Ambiance with stylish Sirjan Rugs


Everybody loves beautiful comfort ambiance around. A home or office is a place you spend most of your time. Such place must be soothing and comfortable both to the eyes and body. Sirjan rugs are an excellent choice for people who love to decorate their home in style, elegance, and comfort at the same time.

Sirjan rugs belong to the weavers of Sirjan, a city situated on the southwest corner of the Kerman province. Sirjan rugs are famous for uniqueness and very attractive. Sirjan rugs encompass the art, culture, and traditions of Persia. Soft, handmade Sirjan rugs are valuable possessions you can cherish for years to come. So, either moving into a new home or reconditioning the present one, Sirjan rugs are a beautiful choice to add in.

The Sirjan rugs available in our collection have well-designed all-over patterns which suit any decoration/design from modern to traditional interiors. Come and pick the beautiful hand-knotted rug for your home and office to add beauty and grace to your space.

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