Sarouk Rug 10' 0" x 7' 2" (ft)

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 Antique rugs are all about beauty, elegance, and art. There is a saying” History Never Dies” this is true for handmade antique rugs. They bear the testimony of history and many historical events in the past, and it is depicted in their design and pattern. Vintage rugs are a beautiful symbol of prosperity and good taste. Traditional rugs are the valuable possession of rich people, whether it passed down from ancestors or acquired with time. Luxury designs, artistic patterns and fine quality of weave tell the stories of history.
Why choose antique rugs?
• Oriental rugs are more durable.
• Made up of natural materials that are rare today.
• Produced by the skilled weavers of the ottoman and Mughal dynasties.
• Vintage rugs express the pride and personality of the keeper.
• They add a luxurious look and feel to your place.

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