Saddle Bags 3' 4" x 1' 8" (ft)

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Antique and unique camel size saddle bag.
This traditional handmade saddle bag is 1-5 years of age.
Available in perfect condition.
Tribal hand knotted saddle bag is made up of wool material.
It is a rectangle shape rug.
Available in multicolor schemes such as beige and red.
Available in geometric pattern and floral design.
It is currently in stock.
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Get Quality Saddle Bags with Us

Afghan handmade saddle bags, also known as Khorjins, are the antique and unique camel size saddle bags. A complete range of unique, stylish and traditional saddle bag is available at We focus on quality, design, and style of the wool rugs, and the saddle-bags we have are whole of wool. The Afghan handmade saddle-bags are in a joined pair, and these are used as the saddle bag for camels, horse or donkeys.

We have a wide variety of multi-colored rugs with geometric pattern, as the tradition of these Afghan rugs. The products we have are extremely different and attractive, the techniques we use to weave, the colors and designs are all competent to give the product as you wish and desire. The wool rugs, we have, are available in various designs, size, and colors according to your choice. Handmade saddle-bags, you find on are the piece of beauty, style, and quality.

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