Natural Kilim 3' 6" x 2' 6" (ft)

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Make a Beautiful Home with Natural Kilims

A wide range of incredible quality natural kilims is available at These Afghan rugs are entirely made of handspun natural undyed Afghan wool. The natural handmade kilims are flat-woven in a tapestry weave. These natural Maimana Kilims, as the name mentioned, are woven by Uzbek weavers living in the city of Maimana, in central Afghanistan. The natural kilims give a modern look to the home, because of adaptive and innovative designs and styles.

Natural Maimana Kilims are made up in a way to give a classy look and wonderful texture. These are available in neutral tones, elegant designs and unique and stylish look. These fine kilims are excellent to enhance the beauty of the interior of your home. The neutral and light colors are the best feature of these natural kilims. As these are made of natural undyed wool, so the colors are neutral, but available in various designs and styles give a fantastic look to your home.


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