Nakhunak Rug 3' 6" x 2' 8" (ft)

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We sell all types of traditional to modern hand weaved rugs online. It helps you to save time. One of the famous rug in our extensive collection is Nakhunak rug. It is a type of Kilim made with wool and silk.

Make you hardwood floor more attractive with these stunning rugs and carpets. Nakhunak carpets designs are geometric and available in square and rectangular sizes. These are made with fine wool, which gives it a soft velvety feel. The designs of oriental handmade nakhunak rugs are inspired by the natural landscape and rugged terrain. The pattern of these traditional Kilims is simple and bold. The fabric is soft and beautifully weaved. We offer these top quality oriental rugs at an affordable price. You can contact our customer service to know more about our collection; you can also visit us online to have a look at our products.

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