Mashwani Rug 6' 0" x 4' 9" (ft)

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 Mashwani Rugs, A Way to Complete the Stylish Interior of Your Home

Mashwani rugs are the sign of beauty, style, and tradition for your floor decoration. These Tribal rugs have been woven by the tribes in the mountains of central Afghanistan, for centuries. These Afghan handmade rugs are perfect for the decoration and to give a stylish look at your home. It gives a look and handle of old Caucasian or Turkmen rugs, because of subtle, supple weave. The excellent quality and attractive designs Mashwani Rugs are available at
For home decor, these Afghan handmade rugs are perfect, because of their style and unique colors. These rugs are available in bold, vibrant colors and the embossed pattern of these rugs is geometrical. The Mashwani rugs are woven by a fine quality Biljik Wool. Mashwani rugs are a combination of traditional style as well as modern look. The colors of the Mashwani Tribal rugs are red, brown, with the combination of white, and also available in various sizes.

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