Maliki Kilim 5' 5" x 4' 1" (ft)

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Maliki Kilims: a Perfect Way to Give Style to Your Home

If you are searching for the finest quality kilims and rugs, Maliki kilims are the best one for you. These kilims are in fact the finest and most excellent example of Afghan tribal weaving. The Maliki kilims are handmade rugs and kilims which are made in Northern Provinces of Afghanistan. These are available in traditional and modern both styles and characterized by deep tones. The linear designs of Maliki kilim rugs integrate the highly complex and wonderful animal and floral motifs. 

Our Maliki kilims are the perfect piece of art to add beauty and style to your home. We have a large variety of modern kilims as well as antique kilim rugs. All of our rugs and kilims are completely handmade and made of 100% wool. The Maliki kilim rugs are available in a large variety of unique styles, excellent designs and lovely colors, red, blue, gray, brown, beige and many others.



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