Jaldar Rug 5' 0" x 3' 0" (ft)

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Upgrade Your Room in a Stylish and Unique Way with Jaldar rugs

The first and most significant step in home décor is the floor covering; if it's done correctly, you can give a look of your choice to the room. Jaldar rugs are the most beautiful item in an excellent interior setting, these new categories of rugs have incredible features. These Afghan rugs have geometric patterns and medallion style designs which make them stylish and unique from other rugs categories, and they are available in various colors.

Persian handmade Jaldar rugs are composed of treated or brushed wool and weavers use single knotting technique for making these rugs, it gives a silk touch feel. These are originated from Pakistan and available in top quality wool, to make them durable and stylish. So, why are you waiting to update your room in a stylish way? Find the best product of rug from our comprehensive collection of Jaldar rugs at rugler.com.


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