Gabbeh Rugs 6' 1" x 4' 1" (ft)

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 Get Fabulous Gabbeh Rugs for Your Dream Home

Gabbeh rugs are simply fabulous, wonderful and beautiful. The lovely colors, exclusive designs, and amazing texture make them the first choice for rug lovers. What else you want than walking on a smooth and luxurious surface. These Gabbeh carpets are simply amazing to give a rich look to your home and allow your guests to walk on the smooth surfaces. The durability and adaptability of these rugs are the excellent characteristics. At, Persian Gabbeh rugs are available in various sizes, but the majority of them is small in size.
The collection of our Gabbeh rugs is incredible and extensive, and you can find the rug for any place at your home. Our kitchen rugs have excellent features and colors to give your kitchen an amazing look, and you will also love to work in the kitchen with the soft impact of Gabbeh carpets. These are present in different colors, light blue, ivory, red, yellow, plain khaki and soft green.


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