Pictorial Rug 4' 9" x 3' 0" (ft)

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Perfect to Exquisite Your Room Walls

Rugler Handmade Versatility is proud to offer a stunning and wide selection of handmade pictorial rugs. These pictorial rugs are specially designed for the decorative purpose and used as a wall hanging in a room. The range of our interior design rugs is entirely different from the conventional and traditional floor rugs. The historical pictures showing the history, culture and the stories of kings and queens are the characteristics of these pictorial rugs. The pictorial rugs mostly made of silk, but also available on wool. As these are used as the wall hanging, you the rugs are framed.
The pictorial rugs available in our home décor store are highly perfect and competent to add style, exquisiteness, and colors in your home. We are offering high-quality pictorial rugs, with lively patterns and the prayer rugs also available. These are existing in various sizes according to your choice, and the prominent colors of our pictorial rugs are red, beige, brown and dark blue.

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