Bokhara Rug 6' 2" x 2' 4" (ft)

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Make your first impression great with Bukhara Rugs

As we all know that the first impression counts the most. When it comes to decorating your home, it must have a right impact on the viewer. Rugs are the beautiful and versatile pieces to decorate a home or living space. Handmade rugs brighten up the home and add instant warmth and comfort to your life. They also protect the flooring underneath. Bokhara rugs are known for their exceptional durability and style patterns. Afghan hand-woven rugs are made by skilled weavers with pure wool. At rugler, we have a classic collection of Bokhara carpets and hallway runners which have eye soothing colors and designs. We offer plenty of styles, materials, and lengths to suit any area of your home. invites you to witness the largest collection of traditional Persian carpets and rugs to buy online. Also, you can create a nice welcoming gesture for the guest by using classic Bokhara rug at the entrance of your home.


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