Barjasta Rug 9' 1" x 6' 5" (ft)

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Reflect Your Style with Classy Barjasta Rugs 

Looking for the perfect Barjasta rugs items, get it on Persian Barjasta rugs, also known as Gul E Berjista kilims, these are a combination of carpet and kilim. The Taimani people weave Barjasta rugs, the small tribe located in the central mountain regions of Afghanistan.

If you want to have a great piece of the rug with the combination of carpet and kilim, Taimani Barjasta kilims are the best for you. These are available in different sizes and various beautiful and charming colors. These rugs not only fulfill the decorative purpose but also serve the significantly utilitarian purpose.

We offer high-quality Barjasta rugs in various colors and sizes. You can get the best one according to your requirement and demand with us. Get ready to reflect your own style with these durable, stylish and attractive Persian Barjasta rugs on your floor. Barjasta rugs, you will find with us are thin, lasting and lightweight.

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