5 Ways to Transform Your Garage Uniquely and Effectively

Garages are supposed to be used as storage space for cars and other equipment. But do you know that you can transform your garage into a new and unique room in your home, and make it a place for relaxing, family get together or fun zone? While remodeling your home, don't forget to convert your garage into a lovely space for living.

Pick any of the above ideas and transform your garage into a useful and effective space. For more ideas and home decoration tips, visit www.rugler.com.

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Give a Contemporary Look to Your Home without Breaking Your Budget

For achieving an elegant modern look in your home décor, you need to incorporate contemporary accessories in a balanced and stylish way. Most of the individuals get scared of the price of contemporary items but remember that by selecting the right color, finish, design, and accessories, you can bring modern home décor at a reasonable cost.

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Upgrade Your Home with Some Simple and Budget-Friendly Tricks

 There is always something which needs a change in your home for a fresh and exciting look. But you do not need to spend a lot of time and money in doing so; with some simple and practical tricks, you can give a stylish makeover to your living space.

Give attention to your windows and curtains. If you are getting bored with the old and dull look of your room, and want to give a change without expending much money, then do some little changes. Install elegant holders for curtains in the wall, or add a few cool tiebacks.

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How to Decorate Your Home for This Holiday Season?
Are you in search of best ideas for holiday decoration of your home in an inspiring and impressive way? Everyone wants to give a completely exciting, unique and stylish touch to their home with amazing holiday decorations. No matter, what kind of holiday or event is you are celebrating, with the help of creative mind and excellent understanding; you can achieve the best look for your home.
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Top 5 Tips for Stylish Window Treatments to Transform the Entire Room
linds, curtains, and shades come in lots of colors from which you can pick the one that you like. To revitalize your room, by giving a touch of bright colors think carefully and don't forget to balance the overall look of the room. Red is a mysterious color to bring energy, action, and passion in a room. Think out of the box, use colors to create energy in your room.
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How to Decorate Your Home with Rustic Theme

Rustic designs are always trendy and look classy because of their earthy tones, organic shapes, and texture. If you give a rustic theme to your home, it will definitely stand out the overall appeal of the space and give an inspiring and stunning feel. This trend is very demanding and liked by the people because it is closer to nature.

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6 Proven Ways to Stylize Your Basement and Make it Functional
6 Proven Ways to Stylize Your Basement and Make it Functional

Basement is an extra usable space in any home and with proper setting and décor of the...

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3 DIY Home Décor Ideas for an Impressive Living

DIY is the best way to give your home a beautiful and stunning appeal without breaking the bank. If you don't have anything in your home which you can turn into a unique and trendy item, then visit a dollar store and find cheap items to do your artistic and creative efforts.

Try these creative tricks to upgrade your home without investing much money. For more ideas and tricks for home décor, visit www.rugler.com.

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Make Your Bathroom Look Big in Unique Way with Mosaic Tiles
Big washrooms always look great and feel more comfortable. But if you have a small washroom, it's a great challenge to decorate it in a way to give a bigger feel. The most excellent and affordable solution to their problem is mosaic tile. Mosaic tile is a unique piece of art which is made from the collection of small pieces of stone, colored glass or some other materials. Mosaic tile is widely using in interior décor and give a more creative and aesthetic appeal.
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Unique and Inspirational Back Porch Ideas and Styles for Small Houses

A porch is not only a space with a deck and roof, but in fact, there are various kinds of porches like different houses. First of all, you should look at your home architecture and style to determine which type of porch goes perfectly with your house.

Porches can be built out of wood, tile, concrete or stone and you can raise it from a floor or level it, as you like. If the porch is raised, carefully find out the right place for stairs and add railings for the safety and aesthetics as well. Consider proper lighting in different styles to brighten up space effectively.

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