Make Your Bathroom Look Big in Unique Way with Mosaic Tiles

Make Your Bathroom Look Big in Unique Way with Mosaic Tiles

Big washrooms always look great and feel more comfortable. But if you have a small washroom, it's a great challenge to decorate it in a way to give a bigger feel. The most excellent and affordable solution to their problem is mosaic tile. Mosaic tile is a unique piece of art which is made from the collection of small pieces of stone, colored glass or some other materials. Mosaic tile is widely using in interior décor and give a more creative and aesthetic appeal.

A few ways to use mosaic tiles in your bathroom for bigger feel and look are given below:

Accent Wall Creation:

You always notice that paint is used to create an accent wall. But with the help of delicate, stylish and colorful mosaic tiles you will get a contemporary solution to brighten up your space. It always looks great and gives a bigger feel to the eyes. Moreover, with the natural light, mirrors and white foundation you can also enhance the look.

Consider Border Style:

A border is an amazing way to give a bigger look to any room. In a small bathroom, it also adds style and elegance. The continues design which you get by creating border will keep the eye busy and it looks larger than the actual size.

To give an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, you can use mosaic tiles in small areas such as the space between mirror and sink. With this unique creativity, you can give an inspirational appeal to your space.

Use Thin Rectangular Tiles in Vertical Direction:

Make your ceiling look higher y using the thin rectangular tiles in a vertical direction. Remember that the layout of your tile determines how small or big your space will appear. By putting the tiles in a vertical direction, you will draw the eye upwards and make your ceiling look higher than its actual size.

Mirrored or Glass Tiles:

In any area of a home, the use of mirrors and glass is perfect to brighten up space and give a bigger feel. Like this, in the bathroom, you can use glass or mirrored tiles. The reflective properties of these tiles magnify the space and give a bigger look. It is the best way to transform your small bathroom space into a larger one. You can also use the glass tiles to make a border around the large mirror in your bathroom.

 Embellishing the Bathtub:

Stylize the outside of bathtub with colorful and vibrant tiles always give an attractive appeal. By doing so, you can distract the attention beautifully and instead of small space, your bathtub will become the main focus.

Be creative while decorating your home and make it an inspirational place for living. To get best home décor suggestions, visit

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