Home Decorating Tricks You Must Know
Home Decorating Tricks You Must Know

Whether your home needs a refresh or you are moving into a new one, these are simple tips and tricks that will help you decorate your place. Sometimes, people already living in a cozy home just need a few things to fix or alter to give a whole new feel to their space. Here are a few home decorating hack you must know.

Take start with the door or entrance of your home. An attractive door design will make the first impression great for visitors and that’s always a good point. The best way to attain that good impression is to decorate the door in a unique way. A well decorated and bright colored door has that welcome appeal which is appreciated by guests. You can use different colors according to your taste and choice. For example, orange and yellow shades express warmth and pleasure. Skip the screen door, because that is not only an eyesore, it's old-fashioned. If you want to take it further, you can add a decent mat and a door decoration.

Let your sofa be well-suited with your chairs. It's a simple trick you can observe at hotel halls and even rooms to invite people to sit and have a chat. The furniture such as sofa and tables should be arranged 'U shape' or 'H Shape'. In the 'H shape', place two armchairs that sit side by side and facing the sofa. In the middle should be a coffee table. While in 'U shape' style, the coffee table is placed in the center then two armchairs on its left and right side. The sofa should be in the middle. All the chairs and the sofa are fronting the coffee table.

Always keep in mind that you should make an arrangement that shows a small space big and spacious. For this purpose, an important furniture tip is that don't push all furniture items against the wall. Doing that crowds the limit of the room making it less spacious. Floating furniture idea gives the illusion that space is a lot larger and airy.

Let natural light in and you will notice a fabulous change around. It will also save lighting expenses while adding natural beauty to the home. Besides that natural light like sunlight not only make available good lighting but also make it germs and bacteria free. This also means that you no longer need to buy thick, expensive blinds.

Use mirrors to give a broad feel to the room. Mirror, mirror, on the wall as mirrors make the room look larger and capacious. They also imitate light across the room. So be ready to put a mirror in each of your rooms. Place the mirror on walls that are vertical to windows so they can efficiently bounce light.

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