Give an Exciting Look to Your Home with DIY Painting Project
Give an Exciting Look to Your Home with DIY Painting Project

Why not you give your home a fresh and new appearance without investing so much money? Interior painting is the best way to give a dull looking home an entirely new and exciting appeal. If you have some time for your home, it is an efficient DIY project. With some understanding and effort, you can easily complete this task and enjoy living in a beautiful home.

First, four things which come to mind when you think about painting your home are preparing, cleaning, priming, and purchasing. Most of the people scared of doing the interior painting by themselves because they think that it is not an easy and quick task. You should have proper time and energy for accomplishing it successfully.

With the below quick and simple interior painting tips, you can complete your project in an easy way:

  • First of all, you should have the awareness of time and money it will cost. With a single paint gallon, you can cover the area between 300 to 350 square feet of the walls or ceiling of any room.
  • Plan in advance your paint choice and touch you want to give to the room. Be patient as you know that paint project is not a fast task; it can be longer with the weather conditions. In cold and moist weather, paint takes more time for drying.
  • Us primer by mixing it in the paint, it will improve the color and prevent the stains and bleeding. A good idea is to mix primer in the final coat of paint to get the best final touch.
  • Instead of using paint tray, go for the bucket. Mix the entire paint in the bucket and use a grid to wipe off excess paint.
  • Before applying paint off the wall, make sure to clean the surface completely. Scrape the old falling paint, fill the holes and remove everything from the walls.
  • Cover the furniture and floor with canvas drop instead of the plastic cover. You do not need to tape the canvas with tape and it fits best around corners.
  • Use an extension pole for painting, it will save your time and you will get lesser stains.
  • Before applying the second coat of paint on the wall or ceiling, let the first paint dry completely. Otherwise, it will leave marks on the final look of your room.
  • After completing your task of the day, don't forget to pour all the paint back to the original paint can and cover it effectively. Clean all the brushes and wrap the tools you used for painting in a plastic.

Follow these tips and give a fresh and exciting look to your home. For more ideas and suggestions for interior decor, visit

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