Give a Sparkling Appeal to Your Home by Changing Your Cleaning Routine

Give a Sparkling Appeal to Your Home by Changing Your Cleaning Routine

Interior décor has great influence on the overall look of the home, but to keep the gorgeous appeal of your living space you should take some steps for cleaning and tidiness. Everyone has a cleaning routine, but there are some things and objects in the home which are not cleaning on daily basis. Some areas and stuff in the home do not get attention for cleaning and it is unsighted, but remembers that these can impact on the health of the residents.

So, change your cleaning habits and routine to give your living space a more stunning look. How and when to clean the specific items is discussing below:

Bed Sheets and Mattress:

A neat and tidy bed is the most desirable thing everyone wants for getting fresh after a busy day. Its advisable to change the bed sheets at least once in the week for keeping the place tidy. Moreover, many people do not think about the cleaning of the mattress, but it requires your attention. Mattresses should be deep cleaned once in a year for the better hygienic condition. You can get help from the professional cleaners or in the home; you can clean it by applying baking soda one hour and then vacuum it.

Bathroom Accessories:

Bathroom accessories and toothbrush holder must be kept hygienic and tidy. Toothbrush holder is the item which holds the objects that we use daily in the mouth, so give more attention to its cleaning. Use mouthwash for the best and sparkling cleaning of the holder. Moreover, for other bathroom accessories, use eco-friendly disinfectant and give your bathroom a neat and sparkling look.

Rugs and Floor Mats:

Rugs and floor mats are very trendy and these are used in almost every room and area in a home. Proper cleaning and maintenance of these mats is very essential for the long life of these items and to keep your space a hygienic one. Vacuum the rugs regularly and once in a year go to the professional for the proper washing of these objects.


Another item which needs cleaning on regular basis is a dishwasher. Many people do not give attention to the cleaning of it because it is designed for cleaning the items. But in fact, it needs to be clean at least once in a month to keep it hygienic and odor-free.

Ceiling Fans:

Ceiling fans need effective cleaning and dusting before and after the warm weather. Otherwise, the dust will build up on the fan and spread all around your home.

Change your cleaning routine now and bring sparkling and tidy feel into your living space. For the best home décor ideas, visit

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