Easy and Simple Kitchen Decor Ideas
Easy and Simple Kitchen Decor Ideas

If you like looking through the modern design magazines for kitchen decor ideas but don’t have the time or money for a main remodel, we’ve got some simple and easy decorating guidelines on how to give your kitchen an update worthy of a decorating magazine. The great part is that these kitchen decorating ideas can blend and contrast beautifully. You can use one or a few together according to your needs.

As we inclined to see things at eye level first, some of the most evident alterations you can make in a kitchen décor involve the walls. But most kitchen decorating efforts are made on the appliances, countertops and cooking gadgets. Walls are sadly left ignored part of kitchen remodeling.

Do you have a dingy, boring kitchen wall on the back? Is that feels poor, an outdated faux paint job completed with ivy or fruit-themed stencil work? Well! it’s time to make some transformations.

Remodel your kitchen wall decor with easy but design-savvy ideas. This will make a powerful visual effect. Here are five kitchen decorating tips that take your kitchen’s walls from exhausted to energetic:

  1. Color is one of the handy and most inexpensive ways to remodel a kitchen. But eye-catching, colorful kitchens don’t occur by chance. The secret lies in the three color palette scheme.
  2. A present kitchen shade that can’t be altered. This may be the paint color of the countertop or kitchen cabinets.
  3. Add a neutral of your own choice. Use it for the new wall color that complements another color. It’ll aid as the kitchen backdrop.
  4. The color that turns your kitchen looks unique. It’s mostly a bold and unexpected shade that goes well with your palette. Using a 3rd type of color will add a stylish touch to your kitchen. Use it as a statement feature for other kitchen accessories like bar stools, vases, and cookware.
  5. Just imagine and try to see your kitchen the way a visitor or guest would for the first time. Walk into your kitchen and consider about what you notice. Is the first thing you see something you like when you entered the kitchen? If not, what would it be? Make that kitchen space and the adjoining wall your focal point.
  6. Focal points visually strike when you enter the kitchen. Compared to the rest of the kitchen, the focal point should be bold and distinctive. To create a focal wall, try one of these methods.
  7. Color your focal wall in the different shade you select for your three color palette
  8. Suspend a great piece of art on the focal wall
  9. Go for textural or patterned wallpaper
  10. A container of black chalkboard paint is quite inexpensive and a clever way to dress up a wall. Black is a bold, noticeable color and the perfect background for your ever-changing chalk art.
  11. If you’re out of wall space, a door or cabinet surface is another great chalkboard idea. A moving shelf or gallery wall on your chalkboard wall adds to the exceptional look of your fresh, inspired kitchen walls.

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