Creative Ways to Hang Pictures and Paintings Beautifully on the Wall
Creative Ways to Hang Pictures and Paintings Beautifully on the Wall

Pictures and paintings look great in any interior décor. Whether you are hanging the family photo frames or paintings of art pieces on the wall, it's significant to know how to hang them perfectly to give the best look. The right height, proportion, and setting of the pictures are essential to enhance the beauty of any room.

Excellent tips and ideas to hang the pictures on the wall perfectly are describing here:

How to Choose the Right Artwork:

While choosing the artwork or painting for your home, consider the essence and style of your space. What you want to do and look around you. Always pick that piece of art, picture or prints that you love and want to see again and again in your living space.

Where to Hang the Painting:

While choose the painting or picture to add to your home décor, always keep in mind the room where you are going to hang it. Pastel colored pretty images are good for bedrooms, while in a dining room darker pictures look perfect. In hallways, a series of paintings and pictures give an awesome look. If you have a pretty oil painting make it a strong focal point in a room, like over a fireplace. On a staircase, you can hang a large painting to create maximum impact.

Measure the Height to Hang Picture:

After selecting the picture or paintings, hang them at the right height. Never hang a picture too high, too low on the height. A rough estimate is that the picture should on five feet from the ground. The photo frames and paintings must be at eye level. In the living room, one hand width above the sofa is the right height to hang a painting.

Create a Perfect Wall Arrangement with Several Artwork Pieces:

If you have more pieces of artwork and paintings, arrange them perfectly to give a stylish and beautiful look. Make the larger artwork the central piece in a way to give the main focus on it. After this, hang other frames and pictures around it. Symmetry is essential to give a perfect image.

Pictures and artworks always look excellent in creating ambiance and stunning appeal in a room. You only need to choose the perfect piece of art and hang it on a right height and arrangement.

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