Create the Illusion of Height in Room with 5 Proven Ways
Create the Illusion of Height in Room with 5 Proven Ways

Room height is not everything, but it plays a significant role to give a sense of grandiose. A high ceiling room looks amazing and creates an airy, open and cozy environment in the room. But what can you do if you have low ceiling house? This article will help you in dealing with the low ceiling rooms and spaces to give an illusion of height.

Get to know 5 practical and fantastic techniques to help you in creating the illusion of wide open spaces and high ceiling in your home:

Install Transoms or Full Height Doors:

Installing transoms above a door is a perfect way to extend the doorway and more light comes inside. You can also get the same effect by installing the transoms above a window. This extra light which comes inside with these transoms will make the room look bigger, brighter and airy. If you don't like installing transoms, then you can get the same effect by installing full-height doors passageways.

Use Paint to Create a Bigger Look:

With paint color, you can create your desired look. If you have small ceiling room, then choose one color to paint the walls, ceilings, windows, in fact, the whole room. Try to pick light and neutral color hues to bring a bright, bigger and heightened feel in your room. Dark and bold colors give a low height feel and small look to any space.

Hang the Curtains High:

A proven way to create the illusion of height and give bigger look to any room is hanging curtains high. Another thing to consider is to choose the curtains with a repeating vertical ripple-fold, as it will look longer and bigger.

Tall and Narrow Bookshelves:

When you are installing the bookshelves in the room, choose the tall and skinny bookshelves. The bookshelves which reach the ceiling will draw the eyes upward and give an illusion of height. Bookshelves are also a good addition to a room to organize the books and other items and give a tidy look. Bottom of Form

Vertical Fireplace:

If you have a fireplace in your room, then instead of the traditional way, install the fireplace vertically. You can decorate and paint the existing fireplace in the vertical direction to the top to draw the eye vertically.

Follow the above techniques to give a high height, bright and bigger look to your small spaces. If you want to get more ideas and suggestion for an impressive home décor, then visit

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