6 Space Saving Design Ideas for Small Spaces
6 Space Saving Design Ideas for Small Spaces

In every home, there is always the need for more space. Whether you live in a small apartment or a mountain estate villa, you wish to maximize the space to make your place feel spacious and welcoming. If your home is overcrowded and mixed-up, the last thing you'll need to do is hang out there. Unless you trick your eye into thinking your room is bigger than it seems. Maximizing any small space is not a magic; it's just smart styling. Get ready to make your living room look big by following all these tips.

Try to make a small room feel genuinely cozy. It should be totally soothing to the eyes and for the persons living in there. Try to keep seating close enough together and friendly. To create this feel, you can choose a plush, soft rug. Don't you want to just curl up and relax? Sure you will!

  1. Hammock chairs are super stylish and in fashion nowadays. Also, act as a lifesaver in a lesser space living room. You can add seating without taking up a lot of floor space like you would with an old-style easy chair.
  2. Always keep room walls and floors all white to brighten up the entire space. A gallery wall with wide-matted art and white frames merge with the wall, so the effect is stunning. By adopting that approach you can make a colorful piece of gear the focal point of the room.
  3. Light colored curtains and shade can help maximize the light in a small living room area. It's even more suitable if you can match them to your wall paint. 
  4. Choosing a larger oriental rug in a bold pattern can turn a small room feel bigger. Unlike smaller area rugs, the large size doesn't break up the surface.
  5. Use ottomans in place of a traditional coffee table to make better use of your small space. You can also top them with a tray to hold flowers and books or bring them to use as additional seating.
  6. Use two small tables instead of one big coffee table. They're best for traffic flow and easily moved to wherever else you may need them to place. 
  7. Curtains should be hung well above a window. This adds airiness and height to a small area. Keep the curtain design basic but you can use more cloth for fullness.

    Dark, shiny walls generate a refined setting for simple, clean-lined décor pieces. Use the small space confidently and intelligently making it feel like a jewel-box.

    Repel the desire to push all of your furniture up against the room walls. If you create space behind the furniture, it makes the room look wider than actually, it is.

    A lower couch produces the effect of higher ceilings thus more spacious feeling. You can add beautiful pillows to make it more relaxed for lounging.

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