5 Indicators of a Quality Oriental Rug
5 Indicators of a Quality Oriental Rug

If you are considering to buy a quality oriental rug for your home, always keep in mind these five signs before picking up any rug item.

Rug Weaving Technique

Rugs available in the market today are made using different techniques. These can be hand knotted rugs

Or hand tufted, hand loomed and machine made rugs. All come in the different price range. You can select according to the quality and price of it. Generally, handmade rugs are more durable and best quality. So try to invest on the hand-woven Oriental rug.

Materials Used

The quality of the rug material is vital and plays a key role in influencing the whole quality of the rug. The quality of the wool is determined by the breed of sheep that the wool is sourced from and sheared. Wool taken from healthy sheep will be soft, pliable and strong and have a beautiful sheen. In order to check the quality of wool, rub the fibers softly between your fingers. If it feels soft, pliable and plush, it’s a pure fiber. If it gives crisp, dry and brittle feel then its mixed material, not a pure one.

Silk is also considered an excellent fiber for weaving. It resulted in some amazing rugs. Silk rugs are somewhat costly but worth buying them. Good quality silk rugs have a big knot count, vibrant colors, and a thin pile. A rug good quality if the best ingredients and skill is used to make it. So if you are searching for a quality oriental rug for your room you need to examine good fibers, appropriate dyes, and reliable manufacturer. The finest material for rugs is by far wool. It is the durable, most vibrant, and most strong fiber to be walking on.


Dyes used for rugs could be vegetable or chemical. Remember, there are good dyes, bad dyes and the ugly one. Keeping in mind that dyes in terms of what is “good” and what is “bad” whether they are visually attractive to you is whether or not they are colorfast. Good dyes are colorfast dyes, and they can be natural or synthetic. Bad dyes are fugitive dyes and they are not colorfast. Such dyes are not strong quality. Further rug fibers have excess dye in them due to not being rinsed before starting the weaving process.

Knot Count

Another factor is the knot count of the rug. It plays a vital role in determining the quality of the rug. In other words, you can say that it is not the only measure of the quality of the rug and carpet. Commonly, an oriental rug, a higher knot count tells that the rug took a long time to weave and therefore it would be more pricey in terms of the additional man hours involved in making it. The knot count in oriental rugs can range from 40 knots per square inch minimum to 1200 knots per square inch maximum. The higher the knot count, the more well-defined the patterns on the rug will be. It is particularly crucial for rugs with a great amount of detail such as curvilinear designs.

Know the Company

Always go for fair trade while buying an expensive rug of good quality. Beware of deceptive sellers that are based on wrong selling practices. Today, synthetic and inferior quality rugs are moved into the market and being sold at a high price due to lack of awareness among customers. So, purchase from reliable dealers and go for what’s worth paying for. Otherwise, it going to be a complete waste of money. If you are looking to buy a quality rug for your home and office, rugler.com is the right place to visit.



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