5 Best Tips for Interior Decoration
5 Best Tips for Interior Decoration

Interior décor plays a very important role in enhancing the charm of any house. It gives an aesthetic value to a living place. Having a house that is beautifully decorated is ultimately make you happy. Sensibly designed home reflect beauty, relaxation, and modernism of people living in it. Make your home impressive with a unique collection of wall hangings, sculpture and unique art pieces available in the market. Here are some tips on how to decorate your home:

Woodwork Art

Are you looking for a statement piece for your living room? You can choose a bright wooden wall hanging. This will pull everyone attention. You can hang this woodwork over the sofa or just use it as a truly unique headboard.

Persian Rug

If you have a favorite Persian rug at home but don’t know where to put it? One idea is to hanging it up rather than laying it down. This is one of the try something unexpected ways to design a place. You can also hang it in a bedroom. It secured the wall and turn the handmade rug to a prominent piece of art. In addition, simple, clean white sheets and a clean white bedspread can be used to add warmth to living space.

Pressed flowers Idea

A unique way of decorating your wall is the use of a pressed flower hack. At first glance, these look like real flowers and plants. But actually, they don’t. You can keep them preserved botanicals as art without the distress of discoloration. To apply this hack, take fresh flowers and leaves. Arrange them creatively and take photographs of these fresh cuts. Then print them on clear acrylic panels to create an artificial pressed flower effect. They look real and awesome.

Hanging Sculpture

If you have empty stair wall at home, you can make use of this space to give beautiful look. Empty stair walls are an ideal spot for hanging any work of art. Choose a wall hanging with texture such as ceramic sculpture. In this way, you can add attraction to the stair wall. This sculptural piece will work well in the minimalist space.

Carve a Cactus

You can also carve different cactus plants on wood and use them as a wall hanging. This nature-inspired cactus family on carved wood will add an aesthetic touch to your place. Pair them with another wall hanging. You can also use them on the gallery wall. The muted color plants will add a cheerful element to your collection.

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