3 DIY Home Décor Ideas for an Impressive Living

3 DIY Home Décor Ideas for an Impressive Living

When you are creative and love to DIY, you see everything from a different perspective. With a simple bit of paint, some embellishments and techniques, you can turn the recyclable goods into a household treasure. Take some time, be creative and think out of the box to turn the cheap and unnecessary items into something classy and impressive.

DIY is the best way to give your home a beautiful and stunning appeal without breaking the bank. If you don't have anything in your home which you can turn into a unique and trendy item, then visit a dollar store and find cheap items to do your artistic and creative efforts.

Cake Stand Ideas:

Cake and serving stands are very much famous and these items are one of the essential things in gathering, especially at birthday parties. These are the most expensive objects to buy, but you can entertain your parties with these accessories with DIY tricks. Take out glass candlesticks and some old plates and make a stand for you. Take out the candlesticks, apply hot glue and flip the plate upside down on it. Now you have your own stylish and unique serving stand, color it with the spray paint to give a chic look.

Stylize Mirror:

Do you have an old mirror in your home which looks dull now? There are various effective tricks and ways to stylize your mirror and brighten up your space. For this purpose, you need a mirror, a clear acrylic tray, and one or two colored flat-back accent gems. Choose the color of your choice, and with the craft, adhesive glue attaches mirror on the acrylic tray. After drying, start fixing the accent gems around the mirror and give a stylish frame look. Now hang this mirror on the wall of your hallway, living room or dining room and enhance the overall look of the space.

Custom Coffee Mugs:

A unique way to update your kitchen and enjoy your coffee is DIY and custom mugs. These are also good to give as a gift to your friends and loved ones. For this project, you need some clean and plain mugs in the light color, a few cheap nail polish bottles, an old plastic tub, and finishing spray and painter's tape. Fill the tub with water and start pouring different shades of nail polish into it, with painter's tape wrap the top of the mug to save this area from nail polish. Then dip and swirl the mug into the water by holding the handle. Finish it with clear spray and after drying remove the painter's tape.

Try these creative tricks to upgrade your home without investing much money. For more ideas and tricks for home décor, visit Best Interior Designers.



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